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These spaces are highly modern, bright, and warm but the natural, elegant wood element adds something special to both homes.




Explore the use of stark concrete walls used in tandem with warm wood flooring, wooden wall paneling and minimalist furniture in t...
While the use of wood in any home is not itself unique, the way in which these four spaces use the natural beauty of wood grain to...
Beautiful white and wood house with ample light and greenery.
Want to design an elegant, minimalist, contemporary home? Use black, white and wood, with these two large and small homes for inte...
Need to inject some bedroom warmth? These thirty examples of reclaimed, distressed, rough-shod, polished and patterned wall panell...
A selection of 34 wooden clocks to fire up your winter. Whether over a kitchen, bedroom, or study wall, these decorative wooden wa...
Use a different kind of art - a wooden wall hanging - with these 50 rustic home decor finds. Hangings include art, sculpture, carv...
A home tour of a Taiwanese home, blended with a Scandinavian minimalist design. Block characters and wooden walls allow anime to s...
Wood and grey make a great color combination for a laidback interior theme.
Natural material themes are always welcoming - a wonderful choice for bedroom walls.
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столы для бара

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House with front lawn

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