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We all love a great home makeover, and these before and after pictures will leave you in disbelief! From a cluttered and badly agi...




The home featured here is a beautiful renovation from visualizer Mario Mimoso that combines the couple's current house with the ho...
A beautiful pet friendly remodel of an apartment in Taipei.
Building in an unconventional space? This 106sqm attic conversion creates luxury with steep angles, concrete floors, wooden walls ...
This creative renovation transforms a former design studio into a fresh apartment with bespoke walls.
A contemporary loft in Tribeca takes the place of what used to be a caviar warehouse, using reclaimed materials as well as stunnin...
The ultimate bachelor pad is the amazing result of a impromtu renovation three years in the making. The modern space is charming, ...
The revitalization a cold work space into a private apartment full of warmth and stylish contemporary design.
An old basketball court in the U.S.'s very first YMCA is converted into a modern, mega-apartment by designers, "The Apartment."
A carriage house gets a renovation and turns into a beautiful 5 story home.
A project by Zecc, where a church has been remodeled into a residence!
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House with front lawn

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