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This home would suit those who would love to live in a space station-but could you cope with the communal toilets?




Stunning views of the New York City skyline and Brooklyn Bridge do much to make the iconic Clock Tower penthouse one of the most e...
A perfect product of collaboration between architecture and interior design, this project is a tangible example of the heights tha...
Monaco is the playground of billionaires and after the Grand Prix or a night at one of the many casinos, they retire to residences...
An amazing penthouse apartment in London overlooking beautiful riverside views.
Impressive open plan penthouse apartment, with luxurious modern decor, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and a bustling cityscape.
Vibrant penthouse apartment design, including a unique cloakroom design with a glass floor that looks down 15-stories!
Israeli design company, Ando-Studio, designs a modern penthouse apartment near a beautiful Tel Aviv beach.
A tour of the architecture and design of the most expensive penthouse in the world. Located in Monaco.
Luxury Penthouse sets a neutral tone for its spectacular panoramic views.
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House with front lawn

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