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Check out this modern open plan home interior with one continuous kitchen-diner-lounge and a bedroom design that is revealed via a...




Small studio apartments have living areas and bedroom layouts combined to maximise visual space, but how about implementing a glas...
When we talk about open plan homes, there is usually the unspoken disclaimer that the free flowing living space does not include t...
A small home design that thinks big. Bright yellow accents against soft grey decor, and practical furniture ideas for small living...
At under 100 square meters of floor space, these homes make the most of their layouts - even including a study in one and a nurser...
These 22 open floor plans have managed to tie everything together in terms of style, but keep each area well-defined.
Light wood cladding and unfinished concrete come together within this fresh modern home.
These 3 lofts have a lot in common. From the wide open floor plans to the use of concrete, anyone who enjoys industrial design wou...
These luxury homes use partial dividers to make their open layout living rooms more practical.
This amazing and eco-friendly home opens to the surrounding environment with transparent design.
Looking to make a big impression with contemporary interior colors? These distinctive homes feature unique color palettes sure to ...


House with front lawn

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