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A comprehensive look inside the house from Ex Machina movie. Includes pictures and videos of the interior of the hotel used to fil...




Take a look at the Ghost Writer Movie House, a fortress-like building with an interior furnished with timeless, sleek Walter Knoll...
The movie set of the 'When A Stranger Calls' Movie is a contemporary, lakeside stunner. But does it really exist?...
Pictures and details of the Hollywood house featured in the movie Spread.
Casa China Blanca, a Mexican villa featured in the film, Limitless, is also a popular wedding venue.
Dupont and Disney teamed together at Milan Design Week and they featured these Tron inspired interiors
Unbelievable floating balloon house seen in Pixar's Up movie re-created in real life.
Interior snaps of the home from the movie Ferris Beuller's Day Off.
iron man houseInside scoop on Iron Man's house including location, workshop and CG.
A rare treat for the architectural world from the movie Twilight: New Moon
Pictures and Information about the Francois Toulour's (aka Nightfox) residence shown in the movie Ocean's Twelve

House with front lawn

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