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Create a spiritual interior. This Buddhist-inspired family home uses stone Buddha heads, low-lying furniture, grainy wood and wall...




A sleek, modern style winds its way through the public and private spaces of the home to create a unified style that works well fo...
While Bangkok may be best known for its busy streets and frantic pace, this house is a serene and sprawling sliver of life.
Two examples of single bedroom, open plan homes that appear minimal yet cosy. Using a variety of warming wood tone and clever ligh...
In this round up, you will see not only the more expected industial-style living rooms that use concrete for an unfinished look, b...
The three homes featured in this post are a bit undersized, but the use of vertical space makes them feel comfortable.
The jungles of Bali are rich with greenery and wildlife -- and if you're lucky enough, you may even find yourself at one of the is...
Take a look inside of this modern, open home that is not afraid to be a bit trendy.
Between the dark color schemes and sleek, simple elements, these modern beauties have a timeless appeal.
In this lovely modern home, the home office works seamlessly with the rest of the design while still offering plenty of space for ...
Make your home greener. This Vietnamese dream pad combines wooden slats, outdoor pools, leafy vines and wide glass windows to let ...
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