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Take a look inside of this modern, open home that is not afraid to be a bit trendy.




In this luxury apartment, it is the vaulted ceilings that give the home that expansive, luxury feelings. And it's really like noth...
Elaborate columns, sweeping light fixtures, and plush, decadent furnishings make up this gorgeous home.
The two luxury homes featured in this post both use beige throughout, along with other soothing tones of white, gray, and brown.
From the curved facade to the unparalleled views of the ocean, from glass walls to perfectly perched outdoor space, this home is a...
With all the amenities to enjoy a true indoor-outdoor living experience, this luxury Miami Beach home has plenty of architectural ...
With an open layout and sprawling glass walls, this modern luxury home soaks in the beauty of its coastal surroundings.
What sounds like a bit of an oxymoron is brought to life in stunning design and attention to detail. Sometimes minimalist means lu...
Want to tour the haunts of the rich and famous? Owned by fashion magnate Pierre Cardin, this ten-dome complex on the hills of Cann...
This apartment is the epitome of luxury. It blends the essence of the jungle with all the sophistication and grace of the discerni...
Sculptural accessories and high-end materials make these minimalistic black-and-white homes stand out from the rest.
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дизайн интерьера квартир
House with front lawn

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