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Four homes with gorgeous furniture and chic contemporary designs, all of which utilize a lofted space to maximize square footage a...




Tainha an industrial living room? These industrial interiors utilise exposed brick, copper, iron railing, concrete walls and wo...
Lofts aren't just a utilitarian solution for small spaces - they can also be playful, stylish, and fun.
Take a tour through three of the most dazzling industrial loft interiors in three different countries.
Lofted bedrooms and offices make these tiny studio apartments feel much larger than they really are.
Each of these 4 lofts is a duplex style with extra large windows. Neutral bases allow the perfect canvas for bright colors and dra...
These 3 lofts have a lot in common. From the wide open floor plans to the use of concrete, anyone who enjoys industrial design wou...
Tour a modern industrial loft with a wonderful outdoor view. The floor plan is open and the home embraces a cozy gray shade.
Find small space inspiration with these lofted bedrooms, offices, and home libraries. Some even include floor plans!
A truly extraordinary collection of lofts that explore unconventional concepts.
From industrial to shabby chic, these modern lofts reflect the lives of the characters who live inside them. Take a tour through t...
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