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The best wall lights and wall lamps for sale online. Modern wall mounted lights for the bedroom, cordless wall sconces, industrial...




Dark decor interiors that feature textured feature walls with modern lighting ideas, including wood slatted wall panels, and rusti...
DIY paperlamp kits bring animal themed decor in the shape of elephant lamps, hippo lamps, bird shaped lamps, whale lamps, rabbit l...
Bring the modern, pop culture gaming icon home.
A collection of mini pendant lights for sale online. Modern mini pendant lights for over the kitchen island and contemporary mini ...
A collection of the best sputnik chandeliers for sale online. Classic Mid-Century Modern Sputnik chandeliers to modern brushed nic...
The cool Heng Balance lamp is a pleasure to look at and play with.
Designed by Richard Sapper in 1972, the Tizio lamp looks like a modernist sculpture.
Need a chandelier for your dining or entranceway? Consider our top 45 picks for modern chandeliers, made with K9 crystals, raindro...
Allow this cute little guy to light up your life or tabletop while he shows off his flexibility.
Our selection of globe pendant lights will have something to suit you. Whether you're looking for a fixture in hand-blown glass, w...

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