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Love copper? Whether you want your lamp on your desk or bedside table, based on marble or wood or in an anglepoise style, we have...




Different styles of kitchen lighting to give your cooking and dining space a lift. Modern pendant lights, under-cabinet LED strips...
Lighting enhances features and creates atmosphere in a way that no other design element can.
Find the perfect wall sconce for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, library, and beyond - in any style from contemporary to rust...
Ever wish there was an automatic way to illuminate your way around your bedroom or closet at night? Then you need these motion sen...
Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who gazes at it, this unique doggy lamp can be neat addition to your desk.
Unique bedside table lamps made from glass, crystal, plastic, wood, concrete, metal & more. Modern to minimalist, small to big, ch...
An insanely cool modern LED lamp by the designers at Studio Cheha.
Lights shaped in the form of peacocks and deers.
Find the perfect floor lamp to complement your reading nook, living room sofa, media room, or anything in between. Tall or short, ...
Having trouble getting your kids to sleep? Select a baby night light shaped like an owl, death star or sea shell with plug-in, por...
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