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Get your garden or backyard in tip top shape for the summer months with these 50 gorgeous ideas for outdoor patios. Featuring pave...




It uses information from multiple sources like weather forecasts, nature of your soil and plant types, sun exposure, etc. to saves...
Plan your next indoor garden arrangement around one of these stylish self-watering planters.
A collection of images that show beautiful modern style landscape designs from an Australian firm. (Includes 36 images)
Ten great indoor garden ideas for those of us who are limited on outdoor planting space.
Grand garden designs with landscaping that is sure to impress!
Roof gardens, terraces and patios to make you feel on top of the world in your top of the building space!
A post covering common aspects involved in designing a Japanese garden. Includes rock gardens, moss gardens, koi fish ponds, japan...
In an increasingly built-up habitat vertical gardens may be a way to enhance both a home and a life.
Each of these projects from Rolling Stone Landscapes illustrate the versatility of external spaces and provide inspiration to be a...
With the unique talent of integrating the built structure with the natural environment, Rees Roberts + Partners bridges the divide...


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House with front lawn

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