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These playful Scandinavian-inspired homes offer plenty of creative Nordic decor inspiration.




Artwork or texture? Balanced bedroom design means you can enjoy both at the same time!
An artist's loft can take on many different characteristics, depending on the artist. These two options are quite different, but c...
Two apartments from designer Maxim Doshchinsk use accent walls to bring warm and fun color into otherwise neutral palettes.
Get your own creative juices flowing with a look inside these two fun and funky apartments with whimsical artwork and playful colo...
Flock around and take a gander at this whimsical collection of paper-craft bird sculpture by Diana Beltran Herrera.
Artist creates mixed media sculptures of animals and insects in stunning colors, using broken CDs and recycled materials.
Illustrator and paper artist Yulia Brodskaya creates fantastic quilling designs. Check out these gorgeous images for paper quillin...
Pictures of Google's super cool office in Stockholm. Also included are links to Google offices from Zurich, Milan, Madrid and Muni...
Images of inspirational offices including Google, Pixar, Red Bull, Three Rings and TBWA

House with front lawn

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