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No contemporary bathroom design is complete without a stylish modern vanity unit. Whether you're looking for single or double vani...




Waking up & washing side by side with a loved one will never be the same after you've invested in a double sink vanity like these ...
Minimalist bathrooms don't have to be plain & devoid of design or niceties. See how the minimalism aesthetic is a base upon which ...
Tired of your old and dirty laundry hamper? Choose from canvas, metal, wicker cane, wooden and plastic in our stylish selection of...
Take your shower in the garden. These rainforest showers set in stone, wood, varnished, plaster and ivy-covered fixtures create an...
Make washing fun again, with these humorous, engraved and functional soap dispensers and sets. Made out of glass, ceramic, plastic...
Bathroom design can range from minimalistic to pure opulence. Here we share 26 innovative bathroom designs.
In this post we took at some outstanding bathrooms that use bathtubs to add to their luxury appeal.
Whether we're washing our faces, putting on makeup, or shampooing, a beautiful bathroom is a luxury we can all get behind.
Take a look inside these enviable bathrooms and get inspired to make your own private retreat that much more luxurious.
Take a peek inside some truly decadent bathrooms that will make you want to settle into a bubble bath and never leave again.
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