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A look at how to use style influence from around the world in our bathrooms.




Create a zen-like calm in the hustle and bustle of your modern home with eastern inspired decor principals.
Interior design ideas for a sophisticated living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom, in elegant color palettes.
A selection of enchanting murals, pretty wallpapers and decadent wall decals from China.
Stuning luxury interior designs visualized by Vietnam based firm, Open Design; This is the stuff dreams are made of. [Must See]
A set of beautiful Japanese style modern kitchens from Toyo Kitchens.
Interior design inspiration from Asia and the Far East. Includes pictures of beautiful living rooms designed by a Chinese firm
These images speak about the evolution of the Chinese interior design industry. Pictures retain their traditional designs but expa...
Quality pictures of classic interior design from reputed interior design firms in China, Japan and other part of Asia.
Inspirational pictures of east asian modern dining rooms


House with front lawn

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