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From plush red unholstering to unique red wall designs and even a bold red ceiling stencil, these designs are anything but gaudy.




These modern apartments make the most of their black and white decor by incorporating an abundance of art – paintings, sculptures,...
An artist's loft can take on many different characteristics, depending on the artist. These two options are quite different, but c...
This Russian family home uses the idea of an open floor plan and manages to create private spaces while keeping fluidity and openn...
Loft living is not only for artists anymore, but these creative designs would be perfect for anyone with a little spark of creativ...
An artistic couple shares a modern and stylish space in St. Petersburg. Bold splashes of color and creative furnishings create an ...
Get all arty with your interiors with this set of artists studio designs.
Colorful, artistically dashing interiors rendered by an Italian 3D visualization studio.
Carouschka Streijffert designed this unusual loft studio in 2007 incorporating various forms of geometry. The historic nature of t...
artists studio creative spaces inspirational roomsA set of inspirational workplaces that is ideal for creative work
luxury,contemporary villa by Beel and Achtergael Architecten, designer home for art enthusiast


House with front lawn

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