4 ultra modern spaces are transformed thanks to an organic design choice. This will have you thinking outside the box of potted pl...




We feature video walkthroughs of splendid homes from the real and virtual worlds.
Four amazing and adorable studio spaces that feature comfy and cozy lofted beds.
Loft living is not only for artists anymore, but these creative designs would be perfect for anyone with a little spark of creativ...
Get inspired by the cute, quirky, and colorful designs of these two apartment from Ukraine-based firm Mooseberry Design.
A beautiful minimalist home overlooks the Pacific in the Valparaiso Region of Chile.
Two urban flats, styled by Polish designer Sabina Królikowska, both offer beautiful, modern design ideas that are sophisticated b...
A house in London which is modern in style and is in tune with its surroundings.

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House with front lawn

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