A section for the extravagant that features luxury goods, items and homes. You will also find pictures of celebrity homes, interiors of luxurious aircrafts and also the residences of presidents!

Your bathroom is the place where you can lock the door and relax, so make it a place of pure luxury. These stunning luxury bathroo...




If you love rustic decor then you are in for a real treat with this mountaintop mansion tour. Take a wander around the woodland ex...
This high-end space takes muted pinks, blues, and lavenders into a luxurious realm.
Elaborate columns, sweeping light fixtures, and plush, decadent furnishings make up this gorgeous home.
With all the amenities to enjoy a true indoor-outdoor living experience, this luxury Miami Beach home has plenty of architectural ...
With an open layout and sprawling glass walls, this modern luxury home soaks in the beauty of its coastal surroundings.
These luxurious living rooms boast amazing views that can be seen from the terraces of these beautiful private residences and vill...
Designed to make even the ultra rich let out a sigh of envy, this house encapsulates every element needed to be the ultimate luxur...
This apartment is the epitome of luxury. It blends the essence of the jungle with all the sophistication and grace of the discerni...
An inner-city apartment tour that shows how to bring the rustic out of the woods and into a modern and luxurious living space.
This post features 22 different luxury wine displays in residential homes. Wine towers are used as room separators while others ha...
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House with front lawn

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