This section includes general ideas to decorate your home. Topics include wallpapers, wall print, 3d murals, curtain designs, season specific decoration, house plants and the like.

Three home tours show how to introduce bold warming colour to a cool concrete interior. Featuring raspberry coloured paint and acc...




Wouldn't it be lovely to enjoy a cheerful summertime feel all year round? Well by adding sunny decor to your home, maybe you can! ...
An uplifting contemporary decor scheme that incorporates colours from nature with modern geometric patterned tiles, geo rugs, wire...
A selection of four great small studio apartment interiors that are full to the brim with decor inspiration, showing you big room ...
The warm and inviting tone of walnut is a winner, be it in floors, furniture or on walls, but what do you put with it? These 3 int...
In this post, we’re featuring a number of wall shelves, all based on the logos for famous superheroes or superhero collectives.
If you want into step into the delightful world of creating flowers from paper, this is the perfect book to start you off.
Lighting enhances features and creates atmosphere in a way that no other design element can.
Art can set the mood for any room. Use art to declare your style, surround yourself with things that you love, or accentuate a lo...
Award-winning artist Albert Koetsier uses x-rayography to create floral prints and canvases. Here we share 28 pieces for you to...
Designed by artist Ben Young, these nautical inspired sculptures are a oceanic gem for any household.
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