Archive | May, 2016
What if everyday utilities could take the place of decor? These homes show how it's done.




Beautiful courtyards and incredible glass walls bring these luxurious homes closer to nature.
Small bedrooms require intentional design that keeps your eye moving throughout the room and maximizes the space at hand.
From industrial to shabby chic, these modern lofts reflect the lives of the characters who live inside them. Take a tour through t...
Four bedroom styles, endless possibilities. Each of these elegant designs has inspiration to offer.
These four very different spaces celebrate modern minimalism with their own unique twist: from white open spaces to pops of color ...
A curated list of 50 super stylish and unique kitchen pendant lights that are available on the market & which you can buy right no...
Beautiful minimalist plate set from a Japanese company that brings zen to the table.
This modern apartment puts a luxurious twist on simple materials and minimalist design.
Does luxury mean intricacy? Or does it meant quality? These two homes show both sides.
The dark masculine theme plays on the stronghold this property once was -- although with a family of 5 moving in the old fort has ...
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