Archive | April, 2014
Two small but beautifully formed apartments that feature modern and eclectic interior design.




A modern home set on the big island of Hawaii, featuring sophisticated Balinese interior design.
A modern mix of unusual bathroom sinks: Glass, wood, tiled, grated and concealed wash basins.
A large open plan contemporary home that looks out over luscious green countryside, in California.
A beautiful home in a industrial style, yet with a welcoming and warming appeal that incorporates interior plant beds and transpar...
Two gorgeous apartment designs that feature neutral decor palettes, entertainment feature walls, marble clad bathrooms and streaml...
A huge home situated on a private plot in New Zealand, featuring infinity pool with sweeping sun patios and a bridged glass stairw...
A huge array of space saving bed ideas for rooms of modest proportions: featuring under-stair alcove beds, suspended nests, roll a...
A fantastic modern Bel Air mansion, set on a grassy hillside, surrounded by mature trees. Featuring a private tennis court and swi...
A curious collection of home chess sets to set off your home office, library or a simple coffee table. Featuring minimalistic piec...
A contemporary home formed from three volumes of cantilevered concrete, featuring freijó walls and a private pool.

House with front lawn

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