Archive | July, 2012
Modern doesn't have to mean synthetic; take a look at this gorgeous collection of natural wooden furniture for throughout the home...




Sweet selection of bedroom schemes for girls, covering the color spectrum and displaying beautiful accessorizing ideas.
Fun packed bedroom designs to keep your kids exercised and entertained in any weather.
A stunning set of textured and back-lit feature walls to add pzazz to your living and sleep spaces.
An office space to tweet about! Fun new workplace decor worthy of the Twitterati...
This modern Mexican home will take your breath away with its awesome ocean views.
New augmented reality catalog from Ikea for thier 2013 collection of fresh Scandi-stye homeware.
Sliding panels shroud this seaside house from the world at sunset, but retract to reveal an outdoor embracing beauty at sunrise.
Seattle based Microsoft 'office of the future', Building 4, holds free flowing creativity zones, impromptu meeting places, and fun...
Three spacious apartments surrounded by swimming pools to tantalize your style taste buds.
A look at how to use style influence from around the world in our bathrooms.

монтаж натяжных потолков

ремонт квартир офисов коттеджей
House with front lawn

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