Courtyard Design and Landscaping Ideas

Courtyard is a fun nook within your home that gives you the taste of the outdoors and yet offer the privacy of a normal room within your home. Sky really IS the limit when it comes to courtyard and landscaping ideas since the only requirement is to create complete serenity and space for relaxation! These spaces are usually created in the backyard, between two buildings or in the center of a building.

Here is a quick video that walks you through the workflow involved in the design of a typical courtyard landscape.

As usual, scroll for plenty of inspiration.

Courtyard Design Inspiration

You’ll notice that many of these designs in addition to the beautiful architectural detail, incorporate water features, beautiful gardens, and a seating area where you can sit and let your thoughts float into the clouds…

Rendered by SimonHC for Nadau Lavergne Architectures

Beautiful Stone Tribal Water Feature in courtyard designed by

courtyard living room


Zen quality central courtyard by

Design by Tyler Engle Architects

Created by

courtyard pool design
Courtyard with pool []


interior private courtyard
Private courtyard design by

Designed by

Designed by

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