10 ways to fill that empty space on the wall

How often have we faced that dilemma on how to spice up that empty space on the wall. Here are some ideas on effective ways of wall decoration.

1. Photos


The old fashioned way of wall decoration. The personal touch it gives to that space is unmissable.

2. Hang Paintings on the Wall

3. Paint on the wall

Take a look at this beautiful artwork on the wall(Photo by: ). Tha plant and painting go hand in hand creating a dreaming fairy tale appearance to the doorway.

4. Hang a bookshelf



This would add utility too. Get rid of that space at the same time you can pack in some books that could clutter elsewhere. If you want to try out some really ‘out of the box’ bookshelf ideas we can help on that too. Don’t forget to check out our post on unusual bookshelves.

5. How about Moose heads!


Ah! Nothing like Moose heads to add to the decor! Though we would highly recommend you go for artificial ones like the one shown above!

6. Decorative Bowls, Baskets

We just love this photo by who shows us a simple and effective way to solve our problem.

7. Potted Plants


8. Poems, Quotes and the like…


How about putting in a piece of your favourite book on the wall, how about an inspirational quote that would you would want to see the first thing you wake up?

9. Maps/ Educational Material


We at times tend to put up things we would like to learn or keep in mind. Well they don’t necessarily have to be boring. Check out how even a world map can add to decor!

10. Random Creative Things – How about old Floppy disks?

Space Invaders by

Being creative doesn’t hurt. Look around you. Inspiration could even come from stuff that you would normally want to throw away.

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